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Do you play tons of chords but don't really know the names for all of them other than the generic "minor", "major" or even simply referring to them as numbers?  Are you struggling with reading the notes of the grand staff?   Are you struggling to direct the other musicians what chords they should be playing during rehearsals?  Are you producing music tutorial videos and are tired of juggling Logic's chord detector, VMPK's piano roll, and whatever notation software you're using to teach the viewer?


Chordie is designed for musicians, teachers, producers, or anyone who works in music.  It's designed to make the arduous task of learning or teaching chord names and how to read sheet music extremely easy.   No longer will the secrets of extended harmony be relegated to the classroom in the college theory programs.   Teach yourself!!  Whatever you throw at Chordie, it'll tell you exactly what it is, and make it extremely easy to explain it to everyone else!

Mac OS X 10.7 or higher or Windows 7 or Higher

USB MIDI Controller

DAW or other external sound source to hear what you're playing (Chordie doesn't generate audio)

  • Why can't I open the app in OSX?

    Go into System Preferences -> Security and Privacy -> General.   Set "Allow Apps Downloaded From" to "Anywhere" by clicking on the padlock in the lower left corner and authenticating.

  • What are the letters on the left?

    These are the note names of the pitches being displayed on the grand staff.  It's to help those users who don't read notation very well.

  • What are the smaller chord symbols on the right, underneath the main symbol?

    Chords can be described in multiple ways.  A lot of players think of chords differently.  For example, a C7(#5#9) chord could be thought of as an Ab Triad on top of a C7(no 5th) chord.   I tried to be as thorough as possible and describe each chord with whichever names it could be described as.

  • I'm not hearing any sound when I play on my midi controller

    Chordie doesn't generate any audio.   You need to use your DAW or a keyboard with sounds built in if you wish to hear what you're playing.  Chordie merely reads the midi data

  • I think I found a mislabeled voicing or a bug.  What do I do?

    Take a screenshot by pressing Command-Shift-4 followed by the Space Bar to capture only the application window.  Email it along with a description of what you expected to see to

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